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The critical balance between effectively leveraging the value of an organization’s information and mitigating the potential risks it poses in discovery projects requires a up-to-the-minute understanding of the technological options and strategies available to companies and their counsel. Navigant’s Legal Technology Solutions team helps clients balance their evolving technology demands with the needs of current matters and long-term discovery management objectives. We consider the unique circumstances of each matter and the overall discovery needs of each client, to present solutions that enable smart decisions regarding short and long-term discovery needs.

Navigant’s Legal Technology Solutions group provides innovative solutions for complex data management challenges. We work in collaboration with our clients and their counsel to uncover and overcome their data management challenges to meet all of their legal obligations, with a focus on reducing time, cost, and complexity throughout the eDiscovery process—whether from our Data Analytics and Advisory expertise, or our Discovery Management offerings. We leverage our unique combination of in-depth legal, industry, and technology experience—along with our global capabilities—to deliver cost effective, actionable solutions. Our services span the entire eDiscovery lifecycle, including, but not limited to; Information Governance; Data Forensics & Collection; Data Processing & Early Case Assessment; Hosted Review; Predictive Coding and Data Analytics.  Our teams are experienced in all types of data platforms and formats – from paper to email; from “loose” e-docs to structured data; from mainframes to mobile devices.

Navigant (NYSE: NCI) is a specialized, global expert services firm dedicated to assisting clients in creating and protecting value in the face of critical business risks and opportunities. Through senior level engagement with clients, Navigant professionals combine technical expertise in Disputes and Investigations, Economics, Financial Advisory and Management Consulting, with business pragmatism in the highly regulated Construction, Energy, Financial Services and Healthcare industries to support clients in addressing their most critical business needs.

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