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Forensic & Litigation Consulting

The Forensic and Litigation Consulting practice at FTI Consulting provides multidisciplinary, independent dispute advisory, investigative, data acquisition/analysis and forensic accounting services to the global business and legal community. Our team supports clients facing high stakes litigation, arbitration and compliance investigations, and regulatory scrutiny.

The Forensic and Litigation Consulting practice helps clients protect enterprise value when faced with legal disputes. We do this by:

Quantifying damages and providing expert testimony in a range of dispute situations: intellectual property, professional malpractice, lost profits, valuations, breach of contract, purchase price disagreements, business interruption, environmental claims, construction claims and fraud cases

Employing forensic accounting and complex modeling expertise to unravel complex financial transactions

Independently gathering and analyzing critical information

Offering industry‐leading electronic evidence services that identify, preserve and collect relevant, structured information and analyze complex data within enterprise systems

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