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For more than a half a century, Xerox has been a leader in document technology and services. We continue to build on this heritage of innovation. We now are the world’s leading enterprise for business process and document management, offering global services from claims reimbursement and automated toll transaction to customer care centers and HR benefits management.

XLS is the legal and compliance solutions division of Xerox—delivering global discovery services, analytics, and technology at massive scale to help corporations and outside counsel more quickly and effectively detect—and respond to—litigation and compliance risks in their data. XLS offers a flexible suite of technology solutions that allow you to optimize e-discovery processes based on our client’s specific requirements.  Our solutions include: Litigation Readiness Consulting, Forensic Data Collection, Data Processing and Hosting, Big Data Analytics, Managed Review Services, TAR Consulting and Technology and Mobile Deployment of ESI Services.


eDiscovery Solutions for Litigation and Investigations

Our legal business solutions and consulting services are founded on our proprietary technology, proven processes and highly credentialed experts providing 24/7 project management and client services support.

We offer a flexible suite of technology solutions that allow you to optimize eDiscovery processes based on your specific requirements, including hosted review, in situ mobile eDiscovery support…and fully outsourced, eDiscovery managed services. Our solutions include:

Litigation Readiness & Legal Hold

We provide strategic consultation on litigation preparedness to help you reduce overall enterprise data risks. Our consultants can assist with litigation readiness assessments, alignment of records management policies with eDiscovery requirements, implementation of processes and solutions for monitoring and enforcing retention programs, development of legal hold strategies, legal hold technology, design and implementation of back-up tape and other legacy media strategies, and employee training.

Data Collection

Whether you need to collect data from multiple locations around the globe or just a single location, our team of certified collections experts can help respond to regulatory and legal requirements in the most cost-effective, efficient and forensically sound manner. We can consult on and design an approach based on your objectives, develop an inventory of the universe of potentially responsive data, and acquire data from nearly every file type and source, using proven technology and forensically sound methods.

Data Processing

We adhere to a Lean Six Sigma approach to ensure the most accurate and efficient processing of your data. With Petabytes of capacity, we can satisfy your high-volume, fast turnaround requirements for filtering and early case assessment. We offer:

  • Native file processing, TIFF and native file production
  • All metadata, text, embedded objects and domains processing
  • Filtering based on objective and subjective criteria
  • Support for virtually any file type, including legacy, non-standard email formats, corrupt files, password-protected, encrypted files, Bloomberg data, chat, SharePoint, audio and video files
  • Identification and processing of hundreds of languages, with full Unicode compliance
  • Rigorous quality control and chain-of-custody protocols

Hosted Review

Optimize review workflows with our proprietary OmniX and Viewpoint review platforms, and ourRelativity hosted review offering from kCura. Your use of our technology, hosted in our global data centers, is supported 24/7 by experienced and dedicated project managers and client services professionals that consult on and implement customized workflows. This helps ensure the most efficient review, as well as consistency across all of your matters.


Our technology offers advanced analytical features to cull data efficiently and effectively, increasing the speed and accuracy of your review. Analytics are fully integrated into our platforms, and include email thread redundancy, visualization tools, concept analysis, near duplication identification, email threading, email relationship analysis and technology-assisted review. Xerox data scientists will also work with you to build customized analytical models for your particular needs, such as reuse of work product from prior matters to save costs in the future, automatic identification of privilege or non-responsive documents, and analysis to inform you earlier in the process of strengths and weaknesses of your case.

Technology-Assisted Review

Incorporating technology-assisted review, or predictive coding, into your review workflow allows for the rapid identification of responsive documents and less time and cost spent reviewing non-responsive documents. Our technology can be used for document prioritization, QC enhancement, first-pass responsiveness review, issue coding and defensible document reduction. Our team of search experts, linguists and technologists are on hand to to ensure you get the best results possible. Technology-assisted review functionality is integrated in OmniXViewpoint, and Relativity, and also offered as a fully outsourced service using CategoriX.

Managed Review

We offer scalable, defensible and customized managed review services across the U.S. and internationally to ensure quality and around-the-clock availability for your time-sensitive and high-volume review needs. Staffed by highly qualified vetted attorneys, each review is customized to your case needs. We provide expertise in:

  • First-pass responsiveness review and issue coding for litigation and investigations
  • Second-tier review for privilege, trade secret, confidential and other sensitive information
  • Merger and acquisition/divestiture due diligence support
  • Compliance reviews
  • Multi-language document review and foreign language translation


With millions of pages of production capacity per day, we can execute productions of any size or complexity. We regularly prepare productions to regulatory agencies and other parties, and can meet virtually any production requirement or format. We offer production load files in custom applications, rigorous quality control, tracking, audit and evidentiary support.

Mobile Discovery Support

When organizations have an immediate need for an on-premises eDiscovery solution due to data privacy regulations or other requirements mandating that data remain on-site, we can deploy a combination of software and services. Our “backpack” solution offers a cost-effective way to manage critical on-site projects without the need to invest in or manage hardware and software. Our experts “backpack” to your location with our eDiscovery appliance, assisting with data collection, processing, review, analysis and production. When the project is complete, you determine if the data will be produced, moved to the Xerox cloud for hosted review, or exported to an in-house eDiscovery solution.

Data Security

Protecting your data is critical to managing risk. Our global data centers offer the most comprehensive security controls in the industry to ensure complete security, from the moment your data is collected and loaded to our eDiscovery platforms through production and completion of your matter. We have successfully completed the rigorous ISO 27001 certification, a process that assures our clients that we meet the highest security standards and have the appropriate controls and safeguards in place. Learn how we keep your data secure with OmniX and Viewpoint technology platforms.

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