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Alix Partners

Listed in China, CHN - Big Data Analytics, CHN - Consultancy Services, CHN - Document Review Platform Hosting, CHN - eData Processing, CHN - eDiscovery Analytics, CHN - Forensics Services, DEU - Big Data Analytics, DEU - Consultancy Services, DEU - Document Review Platform Hosting, DEU - eData Processing, DEU - eDiscovery Analytics, DEU - Forensics Services, GBR - Big Data Analytics, GBR - Consultancy Services, GBR - Document Review Platform Hosting, GBR - eData Processing, GBR - eDiscovery Analytics, GBR - Forensics Services, GBR - Managed Document Review Services, Germany, HKG - Big Data Analytics, HKG - Consultancy Services, HKG - Document Review Platform Hosting, HKG - eData Processing, HKG - eDiscovery Analytics, HKG - Forensics Services, Hong Kong, Japan, JPN - Big Data Analytics, JPN - Consultancy Services, JPN - Document Review Platform Hosting, JPN - eData Processing, JPN - eDiscovery Analytics, JPN - Forensics Services, United Kingdom, US, USA - Big Data Analytics, USA - Consultancy Services, USA - Document Review Platform Hosting, USA - eData Processing, USA - eDiscovery Analytics, USA - Expert Witness section, USA - Forensics Services, USA - Managed Document Review Services

+0044.781.360.8598 - Paul Brabant

Description:   AlixPartners’ eDiscovery professionals assist with every aspect of data requirements in litigation and investigations.…

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